King of Love

The King of Love,
The Christ of Christmas,
He came that holy night so long ago;
The King of Love,
What a wonderful story,
How He from Heaven came
to earth below.
Someday He's coming back again,
It maybe morning, night, or noon;
He gave the promise to return,
And we will believe it will be soon!
The King of Love
(The king of Love)
The Christ of Christmas,
Who came that holy night
so long ago;
O glorious word
(O glorious word)
What a wonderful promise.
Our hearts rejoice and sing
a glad "Amen!"
Coming King, coming King,
we worship You!
(Alleluia, Alleluia, coming king,
we worship You!)
Alleluia, Allelu, praise the Lord,
(Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, Praise the Lord)
Let us praise the Lord! Amen!