Kasih Salib Tuhan Yesus

Have you read the story of the cross,
Where Jesus bled and died,
Where your debt was paid by the precious blood
That flowed from His wounded side?
He died of a broken heart for you,
He died of a broken heart;
Oh, wondrous love! for you, for me,
He died of a broken heart.
Have you read how in anguish He cried aloud
And died on Calvary?
Have you ever said, "I thank Thee, Lord,
For giving Thy life for me"?
Pernahkah kau renungkan kisah salib Tuhan Yesus?
DarahNya mengalir dari rusuk untuk menghapus dosa,
Yesus menderita bagimu, Yesus mati bagimu.
Cinta yang ajaib bagimu, Yesus mati bagimu.
Pernahkah kau dengar kataNya, "Sudah g'nap bagimu?
Pernahkah kau ucap syukur kar'na Dia telah mati bagimu?
Yesus menderita bagiku, Yesus mati bagiku.
Cinta yang ajaib bagiku, Yesus mati bagiku.